Diah Kharisma Dekorasi
Diah Kharisma Dekorasi
Diah Kharisma Dekorasi
Diah Kharisma Dekorasi
Diah Kharisma Dekorasi
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  Welcome to our website, Decoration is the first look at an event. Whatever the event, the interesting impression is determined first from its decoration, Diah Kharisma as a professional decorating vendor ready to help create the decoration you want.


Diah Kharisma is a decoration company since 1999, based in Semarang. 

We serve special event especially wedding, with traditional and modern concept.

Our commitment is to give satisfaction in decoration for your special event to make it more memorable. 

Why choose Diah Kharisma? 

  • We have professional team who will help you choose your dream decoration concept
  • We have creative team who will design and make your special concept come true with artistic, detail, creative, innovative,  and high quality production beyond your expectation
  • We have equipped workshop for production and maintain the property's quality

Our Services

Diah Kharisma Dekorasi


Wedding Party, Wedding Vows, Midodareni, etc.

Diah Kharisma Dekorasi

Intimate Event

Birthday Party, Engagement Party, etc.

Diah Kharisma Dekorasi

Corporate Event

Corporate Party, Product Launching, Exhibition, etc.


Diah Kharisma has been handling hundred of client for traditional and modern wedding, and the other special events.
Here are some of our newest project : 

Pengajian dan Siraman Anggi
Anggi & Bowo’s Engagement Day
The Engagement of Arini and Patrya
The Wedding of Massayu and Joy
The Wedding of Kiki & Hery
Carina & Rio’s Engagement
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Jl. Jangli Raya Ruko 311 Candisari, Jatingaleh,
Semarang - Jawa Tengah

Cp : 0819-2701-1982 / 0852-9071-5427

Office : (024) 8509663

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